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Sep 17, 2018
Rules that apply to AphelionMC Server and Website
You agree to all rules when connecting or using AphelionMC or any affiliated resource, (Website, Discord, etc.)

  • Do not discuss bans or punishments in chat
    • Details:
      • Punishment: Temporary Mute
      • You may appeal for a ban appeal in the forums.
  • No Advertising other servers
    • Details:
      • Punishment: Temporary Ban / Permenant Ban.
      • This includes private messages. We would like people to stay here.
  • No Alternate accounts to bypass bans
    • Details:
      • Punishment: Ban for Alternate Account. Double tempban Time.
      • We do not ban strictly off of IP, but probably cause will be a factor.
  • No real world trading
    • Details:
      • Punishment: warning, then tempban if continued
      • Do not ask to someone to purchase you anything for in game currency.
  • No Racism or "trolling"
    • Details:
      • Punishment: Temporary Ban / Permenant Ban
      • This involves coming on the server saying things just for the purpose of offending people
      • Includes inappropriate links (Pornography, Jumpscares)
      • Includes pretending or saying you are a staff member, or know a staff member personally when you don't
  • No Harassment
    • Details:
      • Punishment: Temporary Ban / Permenant Ban
      • Threats or unwanted behavior, DDOS related threats. Case by case basis on staff discretion.
  • No Exploits / Dupes / Bugs / Glitches
    • Details:
      • Punishment: Temporary Ban / Ban if found using
      • Failure to report any exploit may result in a ban.
      • Report: Report these on website forums.
  • No spamming
    • Details:
      • Punishment: Kick / Temporary Mute / Temporary Ban
      • Do not repeat yourself immediately. If someone does not see your message, wait and ask again in a minute.
        Short messages repeated multiple times is considered spam.
  • Language
    • Details:
      • Punishment: At the discretion of the staff
      • Mature language is allowed, but do not overuse it in public chat.
      • Use /censor to replace inappropriate words
  • Hack Clients:
    • Details:
      • Punishment: Permenant Ban
      • Any hack clients with the intent of cheating will result in a Permenant Ban. If you have any questions, ask a staff member about the mod with a link.
      • NOT Allowed
        • All Hack Clients
        • mouse modifications such as auto-clicker programs or programs that do multiple clicks per mouse click.
        • Mouse Modification Programs
          • Auto Clicker Programs
        • Texture Packs (With the intent of cheating)
        • Xray Texture Packs
      • Allowed
        • Optifine
        • Shaders
        • 5zig
        • worldeditCUI
        • minimap mods (on pvp servers must NOT show entity locations)
        • sprint/sneak toggle mods
        • Inventory Sorting Mod
        • mousedelayfix for 1.8
        • tcpnodelaymod for 1.7.10
        • 1.7 animations for 1.8 mod
  • Jitter/Butterfly clicking
    • Details:
      • Punishment: None
      • This is to protect you from false bans.
  • Do not trash talk or disrespect the server or its staff
    • Details:
      • Punishment: Permenant Ban
      • Do not cause a toxic enviroment. We do not need anyone with a bad attitude playing.
  • English only in public chat
    • Details:
      • Punishment: Warning / Kick / Temporary Mute
      • Party chat and private messages is allowed.
  • No building above the bedrock in the nether
    • Details:
      • Punishment: Removal of building
      • You will not get your supplies back.
  • Do not abuse or misuse /report or the reports section on forums
    • Details:
      • Punishment: Temporary Ban
      • These are used to report grief or important questions. Do not ask for free stuff.
  • Auction House is to be used appropriately
    • Details:
      • Punishment: Temporary ban
      • Do not price items super high. Do not place an item to advertise.
  • Redstone clocks that are not in active use are not allowed
    • Details:
      • Punishment: Removal of Device / Temporary Ban if continued
      • This Applies only if server is lagging / Staff Discretion
      • Do not used tick clocks. They cause a lot of lag. This includes mass hoppers and hopper clocks.
      • AFK near the device does not count as active use.
      • Use block update designs for large-scale farming.
  • No large disguises or pets at spawn (donator rule)
    • Details:
      • Punishment: Warning / Kick / Temporary Ban
      • They block important information and are annoying.
  • No offensive structures
    • Details:
      • Punishment: Temporary Ban
      • This includes items like:
        • Swastikas
        • Penis Statues
        • Built Swear Words
  • XtrmePlaya may ban anyone for any reason.
    • If you feel a staff member has wrong you, file a ban appeal and explain why.
  • Protection blocks are for your build only
    • Details:
      • Punishment: Permenant Ban if used to claim others build / land
      • Removed at staff discresion in inactive area
  • No Stealing/Griefing/Killing (unless consensual)
    • Details:
      • Punishment: Permenant Ban
      • This includes:
        • Killing the Player
        • Killing their Animals
        • Breaking their build
        • Stealing their items
        • Staff Discretion
If you have any important questions, please ask in the Issues Forum.
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